A Rock Solid Martial Arts, Personal Protection, and Physical Conditioning Program Created Just for Teens and Adults

Our martial arts program will challenge you like no other workout you've ever tried. It will elevate you to the highest level of physical, mental, and emotional fitness you've ever experienced, as well as equip you with personal protection skills. You will burn calories, build muscle, gain endurance, flexibility and have a great time!   

Our adult and teens program is designed especially for men and women, regardless of experience or fitness levels. Our instructors are committed to personally guiding each student towards reaching their goals. Our stimulating, enjoyable, and physically engaging classes deliver a comprehensive martial arts curriculum in a useful, well thought out, and common-sense approach.

Starting off right – warming up to avoid injury
Fueling your body – giving it the oxygen it needs for maximum performance
Resisting an attack – how to use your martial arts skills in everyday situations
Friendship – meet new people and share your new adventure together

We'll Give You the Know-How You've Always Wanted
Martial arts are all over our popular culture, whether on TV and the Internet, or in movies. How often have you dreamed about possessing the knowledge to protect yourself and your family? Even though you may never need to use the self-defense techniques we'll teach you, wouldn't you like to feel the certainty and peace of mind that comes with knowing that you can defend yourself or your loved ones if need be.

Our Program Will Challenge and Motivate You
We've designed a course of study that will impress you with its variety. It's structured to build:
Astonishing Personal Protection Techniques – The Sekai Black Belt Academy’s Karate course teaches realistic defensive techniques that will rapidly grow your power to defend not only yourself but your family as well.

Astonishing Weaponry Use – You'll learn the full range of skills required to expertly handle various weapons in our Filipino Martial Arts course. It concentrates on items such as staffs, knives, swords, sticks, batons, and clubs.
Astounding Striking Techniques – Techniques such as kicking, punching, and use of the knees and elbows are among the skills our Muay Thai Kickboxing course will teach you, and your instructor will guide you in developing these skills to expert level. Most UFC competitors depend on striking techniques to emerge from their fights victorious.
Astounding Grappling Techniques – Whether you're interested in personal protection or in gaining the edge in competition, you'll grow your skill set of holds, escapes, submissions, and more when you enroll in our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu course. UFC has popularized this art, which is as useful a set of skills as is available.
No matter your interest, the Sekai Academy offers a program for you. Call us now to join the fun!

Expert Instructors Are Focused on You
At Sekai Black Belt Academy, we work hard to go above and beyond your expectations. Our instructors are professional martial artists and certified instructors who have the skills and qualifications to help you be as successful as possible. As a student, you can be confident that you're learning in a setting where safety and correct technique are always top priorities so that you can build your martial arts skills fast and transform your body's health and appearance while minimizing the risk of injury.

Today Is the Day to Change Your Life for the Better

Enrolling at the Sekai Black Belt Academy will enhance your life in ways that you already know and in ways that you may never suspect. Whether your intent is to earn your black belt, supercharge your fitness level, learn practical personal protection techniques, or gain expertise in martial arts skills so you can participate in competition, we have the knowledgeable, professional, dedicated staff to help you make your dream a reality.

We've helped many adults achieve their goals, and we want to help you achieve yours. Call us today at (909) 624-4810. One of our helpful, friendly associates will tell you how to join our Trial Program, which ensures that Sekai Black Belt Academy has the program and class schedule that fits your lifestyle.

Call us now and discover a stronger, healthier, happier, and more confident You! Let us bring out the Warrior Spirit hidden deep inside all of us!

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